Coffee at Cafe JeJe

Cafe Jeje
Cafe Jeje is my new favorite cafe and since it is just up the road from me, I'm very happy. The best thing about this place are the beans. They are all roasted in house by Kim Gwang-seon. I am not one to trust certificates and awards, but she knows how to make a cup of joe or a latte or a cappuccino or any number of great drinks. She has several award winning drinks on her menu such as her Polar Snow, but I just go in for her rich, flavorful hand drip coffee.

I love the Guatemala and the Mandheling. The Ethiopia is fine as well and at 3,000 won for a great cup of coffee is a bargain (in Korea, 3,000 won is a bargain for coffee). It's a great place to relax after work and catchup on reading or just for relaxing. They have free wifi as well. The cafe has lots of freshly roasted coffee in house and I often buy a bag or two for home and for work. Each bag is only 10,000 won for 250grams and for the quality it is incredible. Overall, this place is one of the best cafes in Seoul and yet it has great value for money.

 Cafe Jeje *** (3 Stars out of 4)
140-842 Yongsan-gu, Yongsan-dong 2ga 02-749-1002 

Cafe Jeje

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