Earl Grey Chocolate Pie at Retrona Pie

Retrona Pie
Classy Interior at Retrona Pie
Whereas the main street of Samcheongdong has become uber commercialized and is starting to lose its soul, there is a new alley that's right behind it that has some quaint, artsy cafes. My new find is Retrona Pie which has a retro interior and an aluminum trailer on the roof with its name. It's a three story tart and pie joint and coffee shop and it's a great place to chillax for an hour or two.

On my first visit there I got a green tea latte and an Earl Grey Chocolate Tart. The latte was fine- nice and fluffy. The pie...The pie was amazing. The snap was snappy- forcibly so and the two chocolate layers were nice and rich. There was a hint of earl grey tea in the dessert that was softened by the cream topping. Very nice.

No complaints about the food, but I have to warn you a bit about the layout. There is no sitting on the first floor and the first step is noticeably higher than a normal step. If you are not careful, you might trip. Also, the 3rd floor is mega hot. Besides that, awesome place. 

Retrona Pie (레토로나파이)
Location: In Samcheongdong behind the left side of the main street.

Earl Grey Chocolate Tart at Retrona Pie
The Pie was a hit at Retrona Pie

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