Video: Daniel Gray's Korea. Episode 1: Grandma's No Name Makgeolli Restaurant

So you might have seen my awful attempts at making videos. I don't have the gift for making videos. Luckily, the good people over at PSeight do. Director, producer, and cameraman, David Kim had asked me to introduce Korea on video and I was very happy to do this. Here is a video he took of me visiting one of my favorite little makgeolli places in Insadong. The place doesn't have a name and the roof looks like it is going to cave in, but that's the charm of this place.

Here is some more information on the video:

Daniel Gray of Ongo Foods Communication and Seoul Eats visits one of his favorite restaurants in Insadong, Seoul. This restaurant was started by an old lady and they basically serve only a couple of dishes like fried fish and makgeolli (Korea rice wine).

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