Guest Writer Review: J Chili's Food Cart

Hi folks, I would like to introduce Troy Zitzelsberger to you. He is an unofficial food critic in Seoul (aren't we all) and he is going to contribute from time to time. He is here introducing J-Chili Food Cart in Itaewon. Cheers, Dan 

Late night, after hours…Itaewon. As I emerge from the depths of Spy Bar I spot a gleaming beacon of Joy known to all as J Chili.

For at the bewitching hour, there is nothing better than a greasy all beef patty fully loaded with whatever strikes your fancy.  I approach the counter like millions before and all that remains is a decision, bacon deluxe or BBQ. I choose both with hot sauce to boot.
J Chili
 With all the powers of my burger combined: lettuce, onion, tomato, bacon, cheese, BBQ and hot sauce. I am now ready to indulge and indulge I did. It was love at first bite. The reasonably sized all beef patty was juicy, the condiments were flavorful, and the bun held up against my kung fu grip. And now to answer the question that is on everyone’s mind, the burgers range from 4,500 to 5,500. Mere pennies when compared to what you would pay for this quality at any of the other burger establishments. For those of you that need a little potato with your burger, I recommend the chili cheese fries. They come smothered with, you guessed it, the award winning chili, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos.
Who is this champion of the grill that created this classic example of what a burger should be? His name is Billy and he has perfected his skill over the years. A truly down to earth and fun curator who is more than happy to accommodate your burger desires. So in summation, if you happen to be doing some late night wondering in Itaewon, do yourself a favor and wonder up to the counter at J Chili’s for a fatty fat burger, your stomach will thank you.

4 Stars out of 4, the J Chili’s food car can be found along the streets in Itaewon late night parked in front of Spy Bar.

Introducing Troy Zitzelsberger by Troy Zitzelsberger

Greetings to one and all, I’m Troy Zitzelsberger.  I, like those of you devoted readers, have been a fan of food ever since my first bologna and jelly sandwich.  From the pasties of my birthplace (Mount Pleasant, Michigan) to the sundae of my current location I have tried it all and am always looking to satisfy  my next craving. 

Post high school, I went to college and became a Spartan, this is where I learned to grab people’s attention through words.  Post college, I had a 9-5 in Germany which is where I decided to follow my dreams.  So I hopped across the pond and started studying acting in Chicago, Illinois.  After a year of that, I moved on to the big apple where I continued to hone my chosen craft at the HB Studio. After being there for a year, I decided to come out to Asia. Thankfully, I can write and review from anywhere. 

I am now a thespian and unofficial professional food critic.  Feel free to make any notes on my claims and challenge them as well.  The only way restaurants improve, is through criticism.  So let’s let them have it.  Cheers for when it’s good, nays for when it’s bad.  For those of you devoted followers, I hope to see you out enjoying the finer thing in life, FOOD!!!  Feed those appetites my friends…

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