Why are Korean People So Skinny? They live in Skinny...

Skinny House in Itaewon
Behind Itaewon's main street is really redeveloping. There are a number of boutique clothing shops and most of the buildings are being gutted and redone. The speed and progress they have made in the last few months have been incredible. Right before this picture of a skinny house, there used to be a building. Once that building was knocked down and a road put through, the development really took off. Now the road that connects the Wolfhound all the way to Suji's is connected. Two cafes, a barbecue place, a sausage shop, and many boutique clothing shops have already opened. I see it becoming the new Garusugil (without the trees and the fashionable people ...or parking or...maybe not.) 

It's going to be a new Itaewon.

The front of the skinny house

Skinny Cafe

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