Jinju Jip: Amazing Chilled Soybean Milk Noodles

This was originally pubished in the August Issue of Seoul Magazine. Reprinted with permission. Are They Nuts? 9,500 won for a Bowl of Cold Soup In my search for the best Chilled, Soy-Bean Milk Soup (Kongguksu), I was a bit shocked to find that the best place in Seoul served it for almost double of the average price. Expectations were definitely set on high. The restaurant doesn't look like anything special, but it's big- two stores big. Once we sat down, the impatient waitress expected our order. I got the bowl of Kongguksu and my friend got the Spicy Mixed Noodles (Bibimguksu). The bibimguksu was outstanding. The flavors were balanced and the noodles were slick and chewy. Now the star of the lunch was the kongguksu. The soybean milk was thick and creamy like peanut butter. The fine noodles were the perfect carriers for this broth. I especially loved the kimchi with the noodles in soy-bean broth. I asked the owner what their secret to their peanut butter like broth was. He answered, "We use 100% Korean soybeans." Ah, that explains it.

Jinju Jip 02-780-6108 Yeouiddo-dong 36-2 Yeouiddo Baekhwajeom Basement Directions: Go out Yeouiddo Station Exit 5 and make a U-Turn. Make a left at the first corner and walk to blocks and make a left when you see Yeouiddo Department Store

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