A Day Of Sights And Food

Seoul is always full of surprises and I always see something new as I wander the city with friends. While visiting Namsan Tower I saw a Hell's Angels-like crew of Korean Police officers parked near the tower. I don't know why they were there but I don't think there was some raid or anything. 

The interesting thing about the police officers are the bikes- they drive nice bikes. Most of the bikes are either Harley Davidson's or BMW bikes. That's pretty cool, right? The Popo in Seoul cruise in style.
If you go over to the Samcheongdong area you'll see a big fence that has a very interesting painting of a naked Mona Lisa. Look how they have strategically placed the trees. I also love the blush on her cheeks. 

The display is an advertisement for an art show at the National Museum of Art that will show naked pieces of art.
Lunch was at a tteokgalbi place over in Samcheongdong. I don't remember the name of the place but it is on the corner from Samcheongdong Sujebi. They had delicious marinated pork tteokgalbi, stone bowl rice and decent side dishes. They had a wasabi marinated jelly dish that was good. The place is usually packed on the weekends and I can see why.
On Wednesday Nights at Dillinger's they have wings night (300 won wings). I went with my work colleagues to enjoy 20 wings and some other foods. The burgers at Dillinger's are quite good- nicely spiced with a bit of oregano. I recommend you get the spicy wings and the green curry wings. The green curry wings are delicious with savory notes of coconut milk.


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