Seoul Eats Meet-up: Gimpo Farmer's Day Food Festival Trip

Gimpo Farmer's Day Food Festival 
The city of Gimpo is famous for more than just the airport. There is a thriving agricultural industry there that is famous for their rice, livestock, mushrooms, fruit, ginseng and much more. It is located on the coast so they use a lot of marine products in their food and cooking as well. The area is also famous for their milk and they produce some quality cheeses in the area.

Every year, in order to celebrate the harvest, the city of Gimpo has a Farmer's Day (김포 농업 인의날). It is a day of dance, food and festivities. They'll bands there and B-boys performing (at 2pm as well. ) At the festival you can learn to make traditional Korean basket weaving, rice cake making, and try a wide range of fresh agricultural products. They'll even have a liquor and makgeolli tasting tent and they'll show you the process of how you can make your own makgeolli. Oh, and they'll have a cheese making tent. Yes, you heard me; Korean's can make cheese and the samples they sent over were delicious. Oh, and they'll be making the world's largest Karaetteok (the rice cake that is usually cut into disks for ricecake soup) to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. 

This year, the organizers of the festival have invited our company, O'ngo Food Communications, to the festival and we suggested that we invite other visitors to Korea so they can see the festival as well. The city was kind enough to help support this by offering to subsidize our transportation and meals.

So next Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th, we'll have transportation from O'ngo Food Communications (directions are here) at 10am to go to the Gimpo Farmer's Day Food Festival. You can go on either day or both days just indicate which day you would like to go. We will leave at 10am and it takes about 1 hour to get there. You'll get lunch and a gift bag containing rice and other agricultural products. The city of Gimpo will help support us so the cost is very low, only 10,000 won. We'll be returning around 3pm so you will be back at O'ngo Culinary School by 4pm.

What: Gimpo Farmer's Day Food Festival
When: Friday, October 28th at 10am
             Saturday, October 29th at 10am
Where: Gimpo City. Gimpo Farmer's Day Food Festival
Cost: 10,000 won Lunch, transportation and gift bag included
Start point is O'ngo Culinary School near Insadong at 10am.

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