Lee Cham, President of KTO on our Night Dining Tour

Night Dining Tour O'ngo Food Communications
We got a very special request for a tour last month when the president, the head, the big cheese of KTO, Lee Cham came on our night dining tour. Mr. Lee came with his entourage and joined a group of other hungry and thirsty travelers on our highly ranked Night Dining Tour.  Mr. Cham was a perfect guest and he had infinite knowledge to share with the other guests on the tour. He speaks like a person that truly loves Korea. I learned a lot about his personal story on how he came to Korea and later became a celebrity on Korean TV.
Lee Cham at a Makgeolli Bar

Lee Cham with Cham Soju
Besides his personal life, Mr. Lee is a foodie. He loved all of the different locations that we went to and he had stories to tell about the ingredients, cooking techniques, and about his favorite chefs and restaurants. The other guests on the tour were enthralled about his stories and I was as well.

During the entire tour, passerby's came over to greet Mr. Lee and many of them commented on the good job he was doing as president of KTO.

It was a wonderful night and truly a pleasure to host such a man.


Pictures by Fred Ngo and Janet Lim

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Pictures are taken either with my Panasonic DMC-G2 Camera with 20mm Lens or with my iPhone 4G
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