Things that Make me Laugh: Pepero, Disagreeable Lunch, Chocolate-covered Deep Fried Bacon, I haven't had a lot of time to aimlessly surf on the net. I recall when I was working as a teacher and then before that in an office, I had a lot of more time to do that. What it has made me do is procrastinate efficiently. So while I waste a couple minutes, I will write a blog post and just say hi. are you doing today? I'm good. I'm doing all sorts of self improvement things these days. I'm starting to study Korean again and I recently finished the Steve Job's Biography. He was an arseface but I respect him. I want to be more like him but not be such an arseface because I'd like to keep my employees happy. I recently joined it's a great site for learning all sorts of tech stuff. I'm totally into learning more about Lightroom and HTML right now. Browsing Facebook. I came across this from my friend Shannon. LOL. Thanks for sharing. It reminded me of the lunch I had the other day at...I won't get into it now. Might later.
Here is another post I came across from Spamuel Jackson. No. It's not his real name. Deep-fried butter and chocolate covered bacon. It says so much about the state of America right now. Emotional eating?
Finally, Pepero Day is coming up. Here is a great video on the Pepero battle. It's downright awesome. Much better than the article I wrote a year ago about pepero. Here is my article about the history and origin of Pepero. Now back to work.

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