Wano: Kaiseki Cuisine in Samcheongdong

Fresh Tofu Soup and Tapas
In the fashionable district of Samcheong-dong sits Wano, a kaiseki-style Japanese restaurant. The original hanok it sits in is over 90 years old, but it was recently renovated so only the original frame remains. The owner, Shim Jung-eun, lived in Japan over 10 years so the food is authentic and fresh. There is a sense of art and precision to each dish.

Kaiseki cuisine is considered to be one of the highest forms of cuisines in Japan and it should take the diner on a journey in order to showcase the fresh ingredients of the season and the skill of the chef.

Some of the highlights of the multi-course meal I enjoyed had steamed giant clam over seasoned eggplant; a barbecue course with shrimp, ginko nuts, and pork; various sashimi; broiled fish filled with eggs; silky, thick soba; and the meal was finished with fruit and a surprisingly sweet egg omelet with crunchy walnuts. The handmade tofu soup that simered throughout the meal was also a nice touch.

I would like to say that this place is a bargain for 50,000 won a person. I think there were 8 different dishes and each were distinctly different from each other. The setting in the hanok made the place romantic and homey. If you were looking for a quiet romantic dinner then I would recommend this place. They also have a sake and limited wine selection here.

Jongro-gu, Samcheong-dong 113-2
Chilled Beef Salad with turnip and onions
Giant Clam over eggplant
Assorted Sashimi
Broiled Pregnant Fish  
Grilled Course
Dessert: Sweet Egg with Walnut
Wano Interior

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