Review: Masterful French Cuisine at Bien-être

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Review: Masterful French Cuisine at Bien-être

by DuckConfetti

"If you’re looking for a taste of French haute cuisine at a cheaper price than you might find elsewhere, keep looking. Because... Bien-être is a bit hard to find. But once you make your way up the narrow streets and alleys, look no further! This intimate establishment has only eight seats so it’s best for 2-4 people and you will probably have the most luck by making reservations two weeks in advance.

The evening’s menu was written on a board at the front of the restaurant. The names of the dishes were in French and the details were in Korean. The only choices we had to make were between steak and fish, tart and souffle, and cheese (+5000 won) or no cheese. Wine range from about 70,000 to 700,000 a bottle.

My favorite way to eat is when course after course of fantastic variety and flavor get placed in front of you for hours on end. And this is just what I got. The evening starts with a variety of amuse bouche, and more delicious and intriguing morsels are paired other courses throughout. With its excellent flavors, beautiful presentation, and world class ingredients, 67,000 won per person (+10% VAT) is a reasonable price such a classy meal.  I took plenty of pictures, so you can judge for yourself."

**** 4 Stars: One of the finest eats in the city of Seoul (and possibly the world) Bien-être (비앙 에트르) "

$$$ 20-80 USD

When did you go: January 2012

With Whom: Wife/Partner

Address: 130 Cheongdam-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul

Phone: 02-543-3288



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