The Korean Food Truck Adventures: Chapter 5: Yippee! How to Pick up a Guy with a Truck


Sunday was spent crammed into my little kitchen to work on recipes.

Finally after almost three months of almost weekly testing, fiddling and researching I have finally nailed down one of the main recipes I’ve been working on.  It feels SO good to have that monkey off my back. Now I can concentrate on costing and sourcing ingredients and I can stop trying to find a use for leftover soybean sprouts and buchu (Korean Chives).

Monday was the most epic shopping day of my life.

Gangnam shoppers have nothing on me, I ordered an 18ft custom designed food truck in one fell swoop.

I’m lucky enough to have a company here in Cowtown that builds food trucks and carts of all sizes and shapes and sends them all over the world. I set an appointment on Monday to go take a look at one they are building right now for someone else and to talk about pricing and options. As we talked we found a great deal on the base step van (think FedEx) that was too good not to snap up. Next thing you know, much like how you walk out of a store and go “How on earth did I spend so much?”, I had an invoice in hand and a very real sense of my dream being actualized.

The pictures with this story are not my truck, but they will give you an idea of the process and as soon as mine gets delivered and starts to get worked on you will see pictures of THE truck.

On Tuesday I spent the morning in a lawyer’s office, specifically a trademark attorney’s office.

As of the time I’m writing this, the trade name paperwork in my state has been filed so I’m good in that respect but I want to get the process rolling on the national level.  Call me crazy, but I’ve had the name for the truck locked in my head for a long time and I’m not about to let someone rip off my concept. There are a few people who know what it is but I made them pinky swear to not tell and hopefully they have kept up their end of the promise.

On Wednesday the internet and I were BFFs.

An e-mail to one lawyer, one to the other, two to the commissary, and three to Daniel after finally getting my files on the computer organized and the system updated. A website purchased, but not before activating the company debit cards and wishing I had a few business checks (still have to order them) as I wrote one to the trademark attorney, featuring a rocking Hello Kitty, from my personal account.

Thursday will likely bring more e-mails, and hopefully I don’t forget to order those checks. I need to try and get to the bank to send off the rest of the deposit for the truck but I doubt that will happen before I need to be at my part time job. And since it is about 3 am as I write this I see a venti latte from Starbucks in my very near future.

Friday will most likely be bank day as well as sending a few things off to the state, mostly tying up loose ends for the week. If the buchu holds up I think I’m going to make something with it to take to a house party to feed to some unsuspecting guinea pigs. I still need a logo for the truck; I know what I want for a concept however I can’t draw to save my life but more on that matter next week…

Oh and I have a date on Saturday, apparently “I’m opening a Korean street food truck” is attractive enough that guys will ask a girl out.

It will probably the last of it’s kind for I don’t know, the next few years? I guess I should enjoy it.

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