The Winners of the Tartine Valentine's Poem Contests are...

Hi Seoul Eats Readers,

First of all, happy Valentine's Day. I want to thank everyone that participated in the Tartine Too Brunch Poetry Contest.  We had a number of Korean people also participate. 감사합니다. We had 14 people participate and write some great poems for the contest. (Now to be cheezy), in my eyes you are all winners, but in order to choose who to pick as winners, Chef Garrett and the team at Tartine went through all of the entries and they have come to their decision.

The results are:

JI Kim 1st. Andrew Jackson Breakfast

Jared Kim 2 nd. Large  Strawberry Pie
D Esquiline 3rd. Lava Cake Set


JI Young. 1st. Andrew Jackson Breakfast

Ye Jung Choe 2nd Large Strawberry Pie

Choi JI Ah 3rd Lava Cake Set

Here are the winning entries: This one by Ji Kim:

Ji Kim

First Entry?
Why don’t you buy me
My heart decomposes
At the endless proposes
you throw at me.

When you took me to CHICAGO
(WINDY CITY) CHILI is how I felt
in my pants,
As you tried to take a stance
at the lack of romance
that is in your pockets.

(This poem does not reflect the kind of person I am =P)

Chef D. Garrett Edwards
Executive Chef / Owner

TARTINE Bakery & Cafe

Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea


Hwang Ji-Young

오렌지빛 빛나는 조명아래에서
반짝이는 작은 타르트를 바라보며
나는 꿈을 꿔요 한 로맨틱한 일요일을.
Eggxcelent boyfriend과 함께하는 Eggceptional omlet breakfast
Brender’s Germen pancake breakfast 의 매력에 나는 완전 Surrendered.
그리고 무엇보다 소중한건 Chilling time with Chicago windy chili.
분명 멋질꺼예요. 우리의 데이트는.
반짝거리는 저 Tartine들만큼.

All of the winners, please email me so I can send you the gift certificates.

Thanks for participating.


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