Cocktails: Drinks at Vatos


Good Drinks. Really big and you have to be careful, but I would surely recommend them. I had the Mexican Margarita with the beer sticking out the top. Really cool looking and tasting. My friend had the Mango Makgeollita and my other friend had the Mexican Martini. The drinks here are a tad expensive, but they are equally equivilent to at least 2 if not 3 drinks. Beers start at 6,000 won. Cocktails are 12-14,000 won.

Address : Itaewon-dong 66-8 2F, Seoul, South Korea 140-200 ·
Phone :02-797-8226
Website :
Vatos Tacos is located on the same street as Wolfhound and JR’s, just farther down the hill. Behind where Dillinger’s and Outback would be. Across from the Family Mart.

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