CLOSED Monster Cupcakes!








I have found a cupcake I actually like. Monster Cupcake seems right out of cupcake wars on the food network. The cupcakes are ornate and über badass. They are decorated with monster-ey things like eyeballs, ghosts, and tombstones. The best thing is that the frosting is creamy and light and the cake is moist. This is not your dry cake. It is moist and it has body and it is good. I have to say this is one of the best cupcakes in the city. The cupcakes are pretty sizable for 4,800 won a piece and they make good gifts.

I had the red velvet which tastes like red velvet and the tiramisu which tasted like a rich chocolate cake with a bit of coffee. Yum.

Monster Cupcakes
Directions: on Gyeongnidan road up from BOA, Toucan, and Hattori Kitchen

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