Patbingsu at Book Cafe in Yanghwa Road




20120810-173143.jpg You know what? I have come to terms with Patbingsu. It is just a milkshake with red beans and other stuff. Its actually better than a milkshake because it is not as rich and heavy. I am sitting at Book Cafe in Yanghwa Road (which is down from Hapjeong station). It's like the new developing part of Hongdae that has been like developing for many years. It's still hip and not over congested and I think I have found my new favorite cafe. The place is filled with books and people working on stuff. The space just inspires me. While they work on something meaningful, I blog.

The cafe is inventive and their deserts look bombdiggity (choco banana Charlotte, real pumpkin pie, and lemon tiramisu) their Patbingsu (12,000 krw) is righteous as well. Lots of nuts, good beans that aren't too sweet, frozen milk under a layer of crushed ice, rice cake and a scoop of ice cream. The mint was a bit much (doesn't jive with the rest of the stuff for me). When it all mixed together it became a wonderful milkshake like drink.


Recommended. 4 stars

Book Cafe (책방자음과모음카페)
Mapo-gu Yanghwaro 6gil 49

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