If you Eat, eventually you have to fart. Introducing Kong Suni the farting doll.

Wow. I don't know what to say this doll is...well...it farts if you tickle its tummy and you can feed it milk and cereal. You can even get a toilet that shows you the poo. Yeah...wow...I know what I'm getting for everyone this Christmas.

Korean people are not shy about talking about number 2. I remember that when I used to be a teacher, my student's favorite book was about the life of dog poo that turns into a beautiful flower. After dating a girl for a year and I had politely not farted for 1 year, when I finally did she was it was a relief to her because she thought I was shy and stuck up around her.

Hey we all do it. Below is a video of a baby's first poo. It's cute and a bit graphic. Yeah, it's like a little poo baby that turns into a beautiful flower.

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