Gastrotong: Fine European Cuisine





20120907-091644.jpg This is one of the best fine dining restaurants I have been to in Korea because it is a perfect combination of all elements: location, atmosphere, cuisine and service. Located in Gahoedong this area is off the busy road in a quaint house that looks like an Asian chateau. Inside the tables are arranged in an orderly fashion and covered in white table cloth. You can see the chefs working diligently behind the glass covered open kitchen. The kitchen is orderly and clean which gives you confidence about the food. Service is polite and the menu is simple and seasonal. My meal started with a salad with a oxtail terrine that added a surprising note without taking over the salad. Then I had a frothy eggplant soup followed by crispy sea bream with a grapefruit butter sauce. The fish was crisp outside and hot in the center so I could tell the chefs had timed this correctly. For dessert was a small piece of cake with some ice cream topped with a wedge of fresh fig.

The chef, Roland Hinni, is a legend in the restaurant industry in Korea and he now has a place to call his own.

This is a fine place to take a loved one.


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