The Real Korean Hanwoo Restaurant: Daedo Sikdang








20120914-071927.jpg This is the real Korean beef restaurant and it hasn't really changed much in over 20 years. It is in a classic looking hanok and there is only one meat on the menu: Hanwoo (Korean Beef). You cool it on a cast iron pan with some cow fat to grease the pan.

How's the meat?

Perfect. You get some different cuts of beef. Some are richly marbled like snowflakes and other are more fleshy. You cook I on the pan briefly since you wouldnt want to burn your 38,500 per order meat.

Afterwards, I recommend their fried rice. They take liquid from their turnip kimchi and cook it down and mix it with rice. It makes a risotto like dish with Korean accents.


Seungdong-gu Hongik-dong 431 (Wangshipri flagship); +82 2 2292 9772; 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m.; www.대도식당.kr

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