Bachelor Vegetable Stand's Cafe in Hongdae




I like Korean Dramas but sometimes I OD on them. The last one I watched was Bachelor Vegetable Stand and it left a bad taste in my mouth (handsome, ambitious guy ends up with the stuck up girl that was the doppelgänger daughter to the CEO of a major corporation. Well at least the fake mother of the doppelgänger daughter who killed the ambitious handsome guy's grandmother had a miscarriage and later goes crazy thinking she didn't have a miscarriage...) ???

Anyway, the drama started off well and I went to the vegetable stand that is now a cafe and it is awesome. The place is well maintained and it seems to embody the ideas that the main character had in the drama: hard work and high quality.

The space is well lit and the outside patio looks like a green house. They have a basic cafe menu, but the coffee is good and they have an organic selection of teas. I had the peppermint chocolate and it came out in a Mason Jar with the lid as a thing for my tea bag.

Everything seemed well thought out and I am happy to see the management hasn't sold out the show to make money off of drama fans (Hear that coffee prince! Your coffee is terrible!)

I recommend you make a stop over there.


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