The Best Hotel Breakfast in Seoul


20121005-103516.jpg Since our company has started doing Incentive tours and events, I have been lucky to eat breakfast at many of the 5-star hotels in Seoul. We usually have morning meetings or lectures over breakfast. Now breakfast is one of my favorite meals, so I am very happy to organize these types of events.

Over the last few months, I have eaten breakfast at the InterContinental Coex and Parlas, Ambassador Hotel, Grand Hilton, Somerset Palace, Fraser Suites, and in the past I have been to W-Hotel and a few others. Anyway, my guests are always asking about breakfast in Seoul and I generally suggest they stick to a nice hotel breakfast or have an early and a late lunch.

Now out of the hotels in Seoul, I think that the Grand Hyatt has the best spread. Their eggs are cooked right, cheeses are rich, coffee strong, and the bread is really bread. The Grand Hyatt also has excellent cappuccinos. The other thing for me that makes this place stand out are their smoked fish. It has that sticky sheen of smoke and the right texture so you know it was truly smoked.

They seem to really care that their guests get off to a good start.

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