Hi Mom, I'm in Korea: Inwangsan Mountain




Hi Mom,

I'm in Korea. Yesterday was a fun day. I went up Inwangsan Mountain in Seoul. It's the mountain that is behind the Gyeongbukgung Palace and the Blue House. The Blue House is where the president of Korea lives. The hike was a long one. It took a good hour to get up to the top and I got winded a couple of times but the view from the top was majestic. Yesterday was a beautiful clear day and you could see the entire city. It was amazing from up there.

The mountain is considered by many to be a sacred mountain and many people that live in Korea wish to have their windows face that mountain. They say that one of the rocks there looks like the Sanshin or Mountain god. It looked just like a big rock to me, but I guess from a distance it could look like a rock god.

Don't worry mom, I didn't get hurt. I took water. I actually got to climb the mountain with an experiences mountaineer. He is going to climb a big rock in Nepal for 3 weeks. (Yeah, that sounds like a fun vacation to me as well.)

Love you Mom,

Come visit me soon,


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