What can you see in one day in Seoul?

A whole lot.

Even though it is dang cold out.

I mean really cold out. So cold that I just want to stay home and lay on the hot spot on my ondol (Korean Floor Heating), but it hasn't stopped tourists from coming to Korea. Apparently British Airways just started direct flights to Korea and to launch them they are offering super cheap flights.

What this means for me and the tour company I work for is that we have had a lot of tours these days despite the cold.

So people have been asking what they can see in one day in December? Really a lot. Seoul has great sites and shopping, restaurants and museums. There is a lot you can do in Seoul while staying relatively warm. Here are some of my recommendations

The Samsung D-light building
The Kimchi Museum
Gyeongbukgung Palace
The Folk Museum
The War Memorial Museum
Noryangjin Fish Market
Kwangjang Market
Gangnam Station
Gung B-boy Show
Drawing Action
Bonguensa Palace

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