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20130428-090943.jpg Most people travel to different destinations for two reasons. The first reason is a major attraction such as a mountain, temple, landmarks, etc and the second is food. With the Chowzter group, we are traveling for food and boy are we eating and drinking a lot. I went straight from my first food tour to the second with Chowzter. We returned to Borough market where I had an epic sausage pasty that had some sage and garlic. It was about the size of my fist and it was excellent. We then had the most amazing grilled cheese ever. The chef put a ton of cheese on bread and pressed it until the bread was impregnated with cheese. Wow....We also had a raclette there. After this we took a long walk along the Thames where I got to see the Shakespeare Globe Theatre and great views of London. Then we went to Story, a speakeasy of a pizza joint where the chef serves organic pizzas using all local products. He doesn't even use yeast (because he couldn't find organic yeast) so the pizza is served on a very thin cracker like crust. We all debated if this would be considered a pizza since the crust was near non-existent, but the flavor definitely was.

After this we headed back to South Place Hotel where we had a tasting of sliders and other dishes. The food at South Place Hotel was excellent, but after so much food all day, all I could do was taste.

That evening we went to the Great Northern Hotel where we had cocktails first and then we got a special surprise. At the hotel, one of the managers opened up KIOSK, a new sandwich joint that isn't even open yet. They gave a special tasting for us and I ordered an amazing salt beef reuben with saurkraut. Wow. The melted emmental cheese on pumpernickel bread with lots of soft, hot meat and saurkraut. It was a bit of an overkill for the day but it surely was a denouement for the day. Wow.

Don't worry, I worked out a lot the next day to make up for it.

Today I will be going to St. John's for lunch and tonight is going to be the Chowzter Award Ceremony at 7pm. Hanchu Korean Fried Chicken is up for the best fried chicken in the world. I hope that it wins.

Blog you later.


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