The Hamlet Problem

20130512-203759.jpg So after some thought and soul searching I think I know what my problem is. I want it all and I need action to make it happen but I have taken too much on so I am left in a state of inaction.

I have a good life and I make a good living in a very enjoyable fashion. At times I don't feel I deserve this but it came quite naturally. I feel like I need a bit or a challenge in my life and I think this is why I take on new projects.

In the end, I need focus. I have too many devices and I get confused about how to manage all of my conversations and they end up as meandering tangents. I want to be more creative as well. I used to write stories and poems and screenplays but that part of me seems a bit lost.

I also don't want to lose what I have.

So do I have a solution?

No. Not yet but an idea is starting to bloom. Lets see what comes of it.

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