Review: Napoleon Bakery

Bakery Napoleon has a long history of making fine breads in Korea. Although many of the breads cater to the Korean palate (such as green tea, rice cake, cheese, bread) they have world class skills for desserts and their croissants. I have to say that their croissants are the closest you'll get to a partisan croissant in Korea. I love a good croissant in the morning with coffee and I am disappointed with many of the franchise croissants that have a sugary glaze on a burnt top (yes, Paris Croissant and Paris Baguette that dig was made at you.) They have a coup of misses in my book such as their famous red bean paste bread that the chocolate bread which just like a hotdog bun they put red bean or chocolate pudding in. But apparently, people flock here for those stuffed breads so my opinion must not count. Their coffee is not very good either and I decided not to get brunch or pasta or salad at a bakery. With that said, their croissants, cakes and tarts are worth the journey and that green tea rice cake cheese bread was actually pretty darn good. The cheese bread had a soft and chewy interior and crunchy cheese bits on top and the green tea and red bean was a good balance of flavor.

Napoleon Bakery
3 Stars
Seongbuk-gu Seongbukdong 1ga 35-1
Open from 8am-10pm (but they usually sell out far before closing time)









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