A Green Tea Experience In Boseong, Korea

Yesterday I was lucky to travel to Boseong tea country with some friends to prepare for a new out of Seoul. As expected, Boseong was as beautiful as I expected. The land is picturesque and the tea products there are worth the journey. Here are some of what we saw during on our day.

20130608-065331.jpg Here is the walk to the Dawon tea park.

20130608-065416.jpg The rolling green tea fields.




20130608-065524.jpg The green tea foods such as green tea bibimbap and green tea Naengmyeong.

20130608-065627.jpg the green tea ice cream was incredible after the long hike to the top of the green tea peak.

20130608-065714.jpg We learned how to make green tea from a tea master at her house.







Boseong is worth the journey to get there. If you are looking to experience a truly Korean experience, I suggest you make a trip.


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