Arirang: a Decent First Bite in Korea

Arirang: convenient location good Hanwoo and side-dishes

Many tourists arrive late at night in Korea with a hungry belly and many are overwhelmed by the number of restaurants in Korea. The first meal in a new country is important because it will set expectations for the rest of a person's stay. For those that are staying over in the Myeongdong area and craving some barbecue, Arirang comes is alright. I mean it is a bit more expensive than the local places but the atmosphere and the service is great for newly arrived guests.

Located across from the Westin Chosun Hotel, they have English menus and English-speaking servers that will take help cook and show you how to properly eat Korean barbecue. The restaurant prides itself on only serving high-quality Hanwoo beef that is seared over white-hot wood charcoal. They are generous with their side dishes and the sauces. You’ll get a wonderful array of kimchees and salads, fresh leaves and garlic to make your “beef and leaf” wraps and there is a nice variety soju, beer and wines to wash it all down.

I recommend you start out their chadol (thinly sliced marbled beef) and follow that up with some of their marinated beef rib. If you are adventurous, the beef tongue is not a bad option. The place is a bit more upscale but you won’t be disappointed.

I went here with some friends that were not so adventurous about food. They prefer white tablecloth and shiny silver. They were interested in trying Korean BBQ so I thought this was ok. They enjoyed the meal and on subsequent days I was able to take them to more local places. If I had taken them to a loud and smokey BBQ place I knew I would lose them.

Anyway, the price per person here is high if you get galbi (about 50,000-70,000 a person), but the food and service is good.

Jung-gu Sogong-dong 72-2

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