Cooking: Vietnamese Rice Paper Wraps at Home

Folks, one of the reasons I haven't been writing so much on the blog is because I have been at home cooking for my fiancé. It's fun to cook for someone that is honest and loves good food. If I screw up she lets me know. A recent successful meal I made was her suggestion: Vietnamese rice paper wraps.

They are easy to prepare and you can add any ingredient you would like.

I decided to use lots of colorful veggies and buckwheat noodles (because they are healthier). Also added seasoned beef, shrimp, and avocado. It ended up being a nice spread of everything.


The first thing you have to do to make this is to cut up all the veggies. I went for thin slivers that were about 5cm in length. Having the veggies uniformly cut allows you to wrap the, easily and it prevents one flavor over flavoring the dish. Herbs like perilla leaves can be wrapped and scrolled and sliced very thin.


After cutting up everything, I prepared the meat. I first seasoned the meat with some garlic, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Before stir frying it, I massaged the seasoning into the meat with my hands so all the flavor would get in. I also made sure to not over cook it because I wanted the meat to stay juicy. For the shrimp, I simply boiled them. Once they were cooked, rinsed them.

After all was set out, I arranged it so there was a nice mix of color. I boiled some water and prepared a big bowl to cook the Vietnamese wraps in. Once the wraps are prepared you can add anything you would like. Oh, I forgot about the sauce. I made a simple peanut sauce by adding a little siracha, lemon juice, and fish sauce to peanut butter and mixed. I also made a soy sauce and vinegar sauce and added some chilies and diced onion.
Overall, a very delicious and successful dinner. It is also inexpensive to put together. It is perfect for summer.

Well, I hope I have inspired you to make your own dinner. Bye for now and happy eating.


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