Photoblog: Things I love in Summer

These days I have been working more on my photography of the food that I have been eating or cooking. I really like the format of this new blog because I feel it let's me be more creative. Before I always felt obligated to write restaurant reviews but now that I have my own space I can do other things. I like that because I am a creative guy that is very personable. It's just that at restaurants I seem to be too critical. Anyway here are some pictures of things that I have been shooting these days.

Mangosteens. I love them and I would consider moving to a tropical area to eat them all the time. In Korea these are crazy expensive. 10 of them cost me 18,000 won.



Here is a Korean lunch that my lovely chefs prepared for us at the cooking school. Great food and very healthy. I love my Korean means with sou, rice and banchan.


While I was out to dinner with my friends, we were lucky to order Octopus Chilpan: spicy octopus on a hot pan. When the woman cut open the octopus she exclaimed, "congratulations (추가합니다) because we had a mother octopus full of octopus eggs. Yum...

Here is some yukhwae. In Korea it is considered a good food to eat in summer because you can get a lot of energy from the beef. I really like it because it is mixed with the egg yolk and the pear.



Finally, in summer, I love cucumber kimchi. I love spicy cucumber kimchi that is cool and crunchy. I can eat whole plates of these with just a small bowl of rice. I think they are the perfect way to fight the heat.

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