Daily Delights in Dongdaemu

Daily Delights
Shopping day in Dongdaemun

Breakfast: Waffles and Coffee at Beans Bin
If you are going to climb the epic shopping mountain of Dondaemun, them you have to get a hearty breakfast with lots of coffee. Beans Bin coffee in the shopping complex of Doota is a great first spot. They have freshly made waffles with many different toppings. Get your sugar and caffeine fix here.

Beans Bin Coffee
Location: Doota 3rd Floor
Cost: 12,000

Lunch: Mongolian Buuz and Khuushuur at Darkhan
The Dongdaemun area is the central point for many different ethnicities such as Mongolian, Uzbekistan and Russian. Darkhan offers authentic Mongolian fare such as steamed meat dumplings called buuz and fried meat stuffed pastries called khuushuur. Their lamb platter with rice and vegetables are good as well. If you are brave try their hot (sour) yogurt tea.

Cost: 7,000
Seoul, Jung-gu, Gwanghuidong 1-ga 188-5

Dinner: Marinated Pork Trotters at Pyeong-ando Jip
Pyeong-ando Jip is famous for their marinated pig’s feet and during the dinner rush you’ll often see a line out the door even in winter. The owner, now grandmother, Lee Gyeong-soon is a no nonsense woman that is all about efficiency and order. You can get platters of sliced pigs feet with kimchi and leaves for wrapping and bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes)

Cost: 15,000 a person
Jung-gu, Jangchungdong 1-ga, 62-16

Dessert: Medovnik from Ala Do
This is a decadent crumb cake that has layers of icing and honey. It is delicious with a cup of hot tea. They have many other Uzbek delights as well such as chocolate cakes and lamb pastries.

Ala Do
Cost: 5,000
Jung-gu Gwanghui-dong 1-ga 154-1

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