Toucan Chicken Cafe Revisited





I went to Toucan last night on Gyeongnidan Street. I had been there a long time ago and I thought it was ok, but I was a bit turned odd because the chef told me that the chicken wasn't very good that day because he was sick. It didn't give me much confidence in the food and it made me worried about eating there.

This time around I didn't have to worry absolutely that (or at least I hope). When we got there on the Saturday night the place was packed and we had a 15 minute wait. There isn't a hostess to wait on you or anything and you just line up and wait and the staff sits you as seats come available. There is no table service either so you have to order at the counter. They will bring the food to table at least.

The food is good. The chicken is flavorful but it seems more like the sauce is poured on the chicken just before baking in the oven. I feel they could have improved the flavor by either brining it or marinating it in the sauce.

The jerk sauce does taste reminiscent of jerk seasoning but I can't say it was as authentic as I had in Jamaica. Also, they served this was a USA BBQ sauce. It didn't really pair well. It is a decent attempt. The orange chicken was a little sweet but the sauce was ok. I liked the fried garlic chips on the orange chicken. This was served with an apple sauce-like sauce which was good. The best part were the thin and crisp potato chips. I could eat them all day.


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