Live blog: Insadong Sujebi







20130717-122011.jpg This place is located in one of the little side streets of Insadong. The place is pretty popular. We got there about 1145 and it was already pretty full. By the time we left there was a line 10 people deep.

The place is famous for their Sujebi which are handmade flour dumplings in an oyster broth with a ton of garlic. The dumplings are amazing here. They are silky and with a keen al dente bite.

The atmosphere is great here as well. It is just a hanok with a wall of clay bowls.

We also ordered the kong guksu: noodles in a soy milk broth. This was not as good. I mean the milk broth was tasteless regardless of how much salt we put in. The noodles were cooked correctly but the flavorless broth rendered that pointless.

They are famous for their wild sesame seed Sujebi here and their seafood pancake. I will have to get that next time.


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