The Korea I Remember

These days I have been a bit more contemplative. It might have to do the weather or it could have to do with the big changes in my life and at my company. I have made some big life decisions such as planning on getting married. (Yeah, really.) I have been thinking a bit more about my origins and how I am currently here. As many of you know, I am adopted. I lived here for the start of my life and then grew up in America. I came back here almost a decade ago. I can barely believe it myself. I have been lucky to do what I wanted in life but I am quite aware of my downfalls. I really need to be more organized and I need to delegate more as well. One of the main things I need to do is make sure to keep in contact with the people that are important to me. I worry about my parents. I worry about all of my parents. My Korean mother was in the hospital the other day and I was very worried that she might be seriously ill. Should I and can I drop everything that I am doing here to go take care of her? I also worry about my capacity to take care of her. My father in America is not doing well either. I wish I could spend more time with him as well. I also want to spend as much time with my fiancé as well because I have never met anyone like her before.

Sigh.. If there was a way I could be everywhere at once and there was enough time to spend with everyone. I really wonder how people did it on the past. I wonder if it was easier.

Well back to life. Thanks for listening.


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