Aronia Berries in Danyang City

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I love berries. I mean I think most people do, right? They are delicious and I feel I get a lot of energy after eating them. I have to say that my favorite berry is blueberry. When I traveled to Nova Scotia I ate and drank many many pounds of those berries. It's not just because of the taste, I think there is something in them that makes me crave the berry- it's like there is something in the berry that my body needed so I have to consume as much as possible.

Recently, our company in conjunction with the Korea Culinary Tourism Association (KoCTA) is working with Danyang City, South Korea to promote the Aronia Berry. This year on This berry which is originally from North America has been eaten for over 100 years and they have been known to be a popular health berry. The Aronia berry, which is also known as the chokeberry has the highest concentration of antioxidants of all fruits.

You know how Korea is obsessed with health, is believed that this berry can prevent aging. Actually all antioxidants prevent aging (but remember, the aronia berry has the most antioxidants of all berries).

This fruit contains alot of C3G which is Cyanidin 3-Guluoside. This is found in dark fruits and veggies and helps prevent aging by protecting against "free radical induced DNA damage."

It also has a lot of Anthocyanin which is really important for cells and tissues. It gets rid of inflammation, free radicals, and reduces cancer risks.

Benefits of Aronia Berry

Aronia Berry can be helpful in:

  • Promoting blood sugar control;

  • Reduction of cardiovascular risk factors;

  • Antioxidants are commonly used as medication and treat various forms of brain injury.


Aronia Berry helps the body in its fight against:

  • viruses;

  • allergies; and

  • cancer-causing agents - known as carcinogens.

Antioxidants prevent degenerative conditions caused by free radicals including:

  • Deterioration of eye lens which contributes to blindness;

  • Inflammation of the joints (Arthritis);

  • Damage to nerve cells in the brain which contribute to conditions such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s Disease;

  • Acceleration of the ageing process;

  • Increased risk of coronary heart disease; and,

  • Certain cancers triggered by damaged cell DNA.

The benefits of Aronia Berry extract, can include:

  • Anti-aging - for skin and body;

  • Overall boosting of immune system;

  • Aiding the detoxification process;

  • Helping the digestive system;

  • Effect dieting;

  • Relieving of some allergy symptoms;

  • Improving and protecting eye sight;

  • Prevention of Diabetes;

  • Assisting anti-inflammation;

  • Reducing the risk of cancer;

  • Prevention of Parkinson's disease;

  • Reduction of high blood pressure;

  • Protection against heart disease;

  • Improvement of blood circulation;

  • Lowering of cholesterol;

  • Limiting the risk of Arteriosclerosis;

  • Increasing focus and memory;

  • Improving fertility for men and women and;

  • Reduction of effects of radiation exposure.In the former SSSR (Ukraine), Aronia Berries were used to help people who suffered from radiation from the Chernobyl Catastrophe in 1986.


Foods made from Aronia

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The berry is like cranberry. It is quite tart and almost inedible when eaten raw, but when sweetened or made into a juice it is quite delicious. I like some of the creative takes on the berry such as as a topping for steak or on salads. They also taste great on the side as a snack. I particularly like them on cereal with milk with some sunflower seeds. It is quite good and I love the contrast of chewy and sweet and salty and crispy.

Now Korea is starting to grow Aronia in Korea in the Danyang of Korea. On September 9th in Danyang, the Danyang Aronia Agricultural Association Corporation will be holding their first international symposium. They will have a number of very important figures in the world of Aronia, including Professor  Iwona Kamila Wawer. I think it will be a very important step in Korea's goal to become a top Aronia developer.

The information is below and I hope that you will try and visit.

Danyang’s International Aronia Symposium

Date and Time: September 9th, 2013 1pm-5:30pm

Venue: Danyang Daemyung Resort Dodamsambong Hall

Organizer: Danyang Aronia Agricultural Association Corporation

Sponsor: 그대로

Emcee: Choi Jia President (Korea Culinary Tourism Association)

Subject: Danyang's New Growth Engine: Aronia Berry

First Event

13:00-13:05: The Pledge of Allegiance/ Opening Speech

By Jin-hee Lee: President of Danyang Aronia Agricultural Association Corporation.

13:05-13:10: Presentation of Appointment Letter

By Dong-seong Kim: Governor of Danyang.

13:10-13:15: Welcoming Speech

By Dong-seong Kim: Governor of Danyang.

13:15-13:20: Congratulatory Address

By Gwang-ho Song: Assemblyman.

Second Event

13:20-13:40: Keynote Speech

By Deok-ryong Han: Professor Emeritus of the Chung Ang College of Pharmacy.

Third Event

13:40-14:10: Presentation 1: Clinical Research on Aronia Berries in Overseas Markets

By Iwona Kamila Wawer: Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Medical University of Warsaw.

14:10-14:40: Presentation 2: A Study on the Functions and Characteristics of Aronia Berries Part One

By Yoshifumi Tamura: Manager of the Food Processing Research Center.

14:40-15:10: Presentation 3: A Study on the Functions and Characteristics of Aronia Berries Part Two

By Akihiko Saito: Researcher at Hokkaido Bio-industry Co., Ltd.

Aronia Tasting Event

15:40-16:10: Presentation 4: Cultivation and Processing Techniques of Aronia Berries

By Kown Yeu Seok: Agricultural Researcher at Chungcheongbuk-Do Agricultural Research & Extension Services.

16:10-16:40: Presentation 5: Marketing and PR of Aronia Berries

By Park Jae Hyun Park Director of the Korea Brand Marketing Institute.

16:40-17:10: Presentation 6: Functional Foods of Aronia

By Lee Hyeon Yong Professor at Seowon University.

Fourth Event

17:10-17:40: Open Discussion

Fifth Event

17:40-17:50: Closing ceremony


Distinguished guests; on this prosperous season of Autumn, I would like to welcome you to the "1st International Danyang Aronia Symposium." We are here to introduce Danyang City's
new growth engine: the Aronia Berry. In this symposium, we hope to raise public awareness and introduce exciting new applications of this miraculous berry. Our goal is to strengthen the agricultural industry in Danyang and bring economic prosperity to the farmers. We hope you will support us in our endeavors and involve yourself in meaningful discussions about
how we can develop the prosperity of the Aronia Berry in Danyang City.

Jin-hee Lee President of the Danyang Aronia Agricultural Association Corporation

Sep. 2013

Danyang Aronia Agricultural Association Corporation
63, Udeok-ri, Maepo-eup, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Tel: 043-423-8668/ Fax: 043-423-8669/ Email:

Directions: From Jamsil area of Seoul, it takes 2 to 2.5 hours (180 km)

Address: Danyang Daemyung Resort Dodamsambong Hall
187-17 Sambong-ro, Danyang-eup, Danyang-gun, Chungeongbuk-do.

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