Obsessed with Korean Dramas? Visit Yongin Dramia

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I have a pretty great job, I must say. I get to travel all over the country with great people and eat excellent food. Yesterday was a particularly fun day because I got to send the day with the Estrada Family and we went to Yongin's Dramia. From Seoul it took about 1.5 hours. Luckily, we had my friend Kyung as our driver so we were able to drive in comfort. It's one of the places that is quite difficult to get to unless you have transport. You can get there by bus, but if you are unfamiliar with Korea, it could be a bit difficult. Entrance fee is about 7,000 won.

So for those crazy about Korean dramas-especially the historical ones such as Daejanggum and Queen Seondeok, Isan, Jumong, and Dong Yi this is definitely the place to see. It was recently reopened and you can see the amazing historical buildings which are the sets of some of Korea's most famous dramas. I think that it is actually better than some of the palaces because you can see everything from recreated village streets, palaces, temples, and halls.

You might even get lucky and see a famous drama being filmed there.

There is also an experience center where you can wear the different costumes.

Overall, a great place to go, if you are obsessed with Korean dramas.

MBC Dramia

Gyeonggi-do Yongin-si Cheoin-gu Baegam-myeon Yongcheon-ri 778-1
경기도 용인시 처인구 백암면 용천로 330


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