Hanging out with Iron Chef Judy Joo and Big News


Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.50.24 PMThese last few weeks have been very intense and interesting. I have embarked on a new business with my friend Patrick (which I will be revealing soon). The food tour company is going well, but the summer heat and the monsoon has slowed some of our bookings down. Our company has grown in three years and it has let me meet some pretty awesome people including Judy Joo who is an Iron Chef UK and she works at the prestigious Playboy Club in London. She gets to meet Hugh Hefner and she hangs out with Bobby Flay and Alton Brown (whom I heard mainly eats canned mackerel to maintain his weight).

I got to show Judy around Noryangjin Market and then Kwangjang Market. It was really fun to introduce her to all the people that work there. I feel like the food stall workers are all my friends now and they treat the people I bring there like that as well. It was a good, but very hot day of food but overall it was a lot of fun. Judy, it was great meeting you and good luck on your new food show, tentatively titled "Korean Food Made Simple", on the cooking channel.



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