Koreazy Korean Pizzas with Ribs and Egg Rim







You just gotta love crazy competitiveness between the pizza companies to add more and more ostentatious toppings in order to create a sense of value for their consumers. I guess it is the only way for the big pizza shops to create higher margins (these pizzas go for 30-40 usd a pie). These calorie bombs look interesting but I am on a diet these days so I am not willing to waste a day of working out for a pizza topped with ribs, mayonnaise, different types of cheese and a steamed egg crust. I guess the way that Koreans eat though one pizza would feed 8, because of the family-style way of eating. (In my house we would order 2 giant pizzas and wings and breadsticks and soda to feed our family of 5.)

Anyway, I was passing by Mr. Pizza to see their new pizza offerings. Their new pizza is the "Eggta" which is a like a egg tart in a pizza. The rim is streamed egg and below that they have lots of cheese like a Chicago deep dish and then it is topped with "real steak," potatoes, Brie cheese and veggies. Yeah. Heart attack.

They have others such as the Ohmy Rib which is pizza topped with ribs.

Not to be outdone, Pizza Hut has the "Crown Pocket" which has a sweet potatoe crust topped with a dollop of cream cheese.

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