So...freaking angry right now...I want to Hulk out at Google Korea

i-hate-googleI so want to hulk out right now because Google Korea doesn't make any sense. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

In order to pay for google adwords, you have to use IE6 with active x using a windows XP machine.

WTF. Is this 2005?

Actually, I gave up on Google Adwords years ago because of this very issue. But...

Recently, we had some smart students from Seoul National University approach us and they wanted to advertise our company using adwords for a contest they were entering. We were like sure...great! After we saw that our bookings did go up a bit, we realized that it wasn't a bad advertising option and we even hired the student to work for us.

At first we didn't have a problem adding money but the second time, because we upgraded our machines, we found out that we couldn't add money anymore.

So...then I tried calling them on their contact number. No, answer.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 3.28.48 PM


We tried emailing them and we got a detailed email in Korean. My coworkers and I tried to follow the instructions. They didn't work. We called again. We emailed again. Nothing.

We called a different number that we found and finally we found them.

So...was customer service helpful?


They were super nice but they didn't have any solutions for us. We asked if we could send money via bank transfer but they said their machine was down to get the VAN number. It has been down for 4 days or so and they don't know when it will be back up. Their solution to me was that I needed to make a brand new adwords account (even though everything is signed up through my one email). Then with the new account, I should be able to do a postpay option via credit card. Ok, I thought.

So...signing up for the new account and for the postpay option I read a byline, "you can switch postpay to prepay at anytime." Oh, I thought. I could just switch this option in my original adwords account and it should work. I call Google Korea to ask if they can switch this over.

They tell me, "no." And they go on to explain that only in Korea is this system this way.  I guess, this is Korea. It's the only country where a 250 billion dollar company can't use their own web browser, Chrome, to make payments to their own company.

Now, I have set up a new account and I'm going to export all the info from my old campaigns to the new one using Google Adwords Editor . Let's hope this works.

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