Cafe Review: Steamers Coffee Factory

I grew up in America and that means that I want my coffee early in the morning and not at 10am when it seems most Korean cafes like to open. I like to have my coffee a bit later on Sunday's but I still want it before 8am. Steamers Coffee Factory has very impressive facilities. They brag on their cup that they have : "2 Roasters, 3 Coffee machines, 3 coffee machines, and 8 Baristas." That's great but I don't know when you can get all that great coffee. Sorry but cafes should be reliable dispensaries of caffeine. Because, I need it! Argh! 

Anyway, their coffee is robust and delicious. I mean really good and it should be at 8,000 won for a hand drip. The first day I just had an espresso and I have to admit it was one of the best ones I have had in a while. It had nice creama and balanced tannins; it reminded me of Portland. I went back and had an Americano and that was also great except for the leaky lid. That sorta pissed me off because the lid is one of those new fangled designs with a large lip but it is pointless since it drips coffee on your pants. 

Anyway the lid is nothing. Today I wanted another coffee and it was closed at 830 and at 9am so I had to get a fricken canned coffee from 7-11. 

So... If you want good coffee at inconvenient times, you should go to Steamers Coffee Factory or you can get it delivered in bags and then make it yourself. 

Steamers Coffee Factory
Location: 37.52217,127.01984
South Korea
Seoul Gangnamgu
83 Dosandaero1gil

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