Review: Julio's Somewhat Mexican Cuisine

Julios is a popular Mexican-themed restaurant in Korea. They have 4 locations that I know of and they were one of the Mexican food-trend leaders here like 5 years ago. I remember going to their first location by Gangnam Station and being pleasantly impressed. It tasted "authenticish."

These days Mexican food has upped their game with restaurants such as Vatos, Coreanos, and Gusto Taco. Julios is no longer leading the trend, but following, and they are trying to maintain the flavor profile their Korean clientele expect. 

The results are a train wreck-mishmash that is Korean/Mexican-esque with a bit of Cajun and a bit of Italian. Yeah, they need a chef to come in and right this ship. 

Let me explain

There was a Cajun hot sauce at the table and Italian dressing on my salad that had shredded cheddar and Reggiano? Cheese. My pork tacos were dry and the pork was flavorless. My wife's enchilada was more of a rice roll smothered in tangy tomato sauce and cheese. The enchilada was not what my wife wanted. She wanted to order the beef fajitas off the regular menu (which cost 20,000 or so) but we were told that we could only order the chicken fajitas off the lunch menu (which cost about 9,900 won). This is a pet peeve of mine but I am sure that they had beef in the back and they could have given us a surcharge for the lunch menu or they could have just given us the beef fajitas like we wanted. 

Oh, the chips and salsa were ok, but it really isn't enough to make me want to go back to "Julio's Mexican Cuisine."

Julio's Mexican Cuisine
Location: 37.56783,126.98452
South Korea
Seoul Junggu
30-1 Samgakdong

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