Review: Delicious Sweet and Savory Bonchu Chicken (Bongchu Jjimdak)

Bongchu Jjimdak is still one of my favorite Korean meals regardless of how many times I have eaten it. It's the sauce that makes it. It's savory and sweet with nice heat from the red chilies. The sauce permeates into the chicken, the potatoes, and thick dang myeon (sweet potato noodles). The carrots and cucumbers add freshness and the dish is warm and filling- especially on cold winter days. 

I love that the chicken is not dry. The flavors really get all into it and the chicken on the bone adds additional flavor to the sauce. 

The best way to eat this is with rice. It will sop up the sauce. I recommend getting it with nurungji or scorched rice. The crispy rice will sop up the delicious sauce and tastes like a pregnant fried rice. 

Bongchu is a chain and you can find them everywhere but I like the one in Insadong and in Hyewha. 


Bongchu Jjimdak
Jongnogu Insadong Insadonggil 20
Seoul, South Korea 
Geoloc: 37.57254,126.98669

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