Beers at Pong Dang Craft Beer Company Garusugil

So after a long week at work I decided to go for a walk and take some photos. Friday was a good night and lots of people were out on dates and hanging out with friends. The Garusugil street by Sinsa Station is an energetic and hip place to hang out. The place has good energy and there are lots of places to eat at, shop at and generally have fun at. After a long walk I decided to have a drink at Pong Dang Craft Beer Company. They have a good selection of beer and they have a western bar so I didn't feel so terrible just having a drink by myself.

One of the problems with Korea is that there aren't many bars. They are more eateries for friends to eat at together. I have friends but sometimes I just want to wander by myself (this tends to worry my Korean friends and family). Anyway, good atmosphere and decent beer selection. I started with their Belgium Wheat which was a bit hoppier than I would have liked for a wheat beer. Not my favorite. I moved on to the Heferweizen from a new Busan Brewer called Akitu. Yuck. Tasted overly metallic and didn't have the Heferweizen flavor. Maybe I got a bad batch but I didn't even finish it. I then moved on to the pale ale from Pong Dang. This was my favorite. Nicely hopped and with good mouthfeel. I decided to stick with this one and ordered another before I left.

For food I went with some skewers: the beef dukgalbi and the sausage. Decent and cheap (I think 5,000ish for both).

Overall, good little spot in the busy Sinsa district to grab a decent craft beer.


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