Lunch: Great Grilled Fish by Hakdong Station

Korean Grilled Fish and Soup for Lunch at Hakdong
I am a simple guy. For lunch, I am happy with a well grilled fish, rice and some side dishes. I like rustic Korean style food for lunch because usually I'm hungry, the good food relieves stress, and its comforting. I mean I didn't come all the way to Korea to eat hamburgers everyday. At Bada Dunporun Saengson Gui you can get good Korean fare at a reasonable price (starting at 7,000 won). Sides are good and the grilled fish is exceptional. They get a really nice crust on the fish and it is nicely salted. Other than the fish, the other stuff is just average. The kimchi stew is not going to win any awards nor will their doenjang stew. However, you won't go hungry and the food quality is good. Especially for the Gangnam district which is notorious for skimping out on side dishes and stuff.

Bada Dunporun Saengson Gui 바다 등푸른 생선구이
Ph: 02-549-5262
Click here to open map on mobile: Address: Gangnam-gu Nonhyeondong 66-35


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