Dan Rants: Hey Korea!, stop naming Dogs after Food!

Stop Naming Dogs After Food!

Cute Korean Dogs
Korean dogs are cute. They are well groomed with their pink floppy ears and their trimmed tails with a pom-pom at the end. The outfits are quite lavish as well. The dogs can be dressed up like a cute princess, a buff Superman, or even a bumblebee. Usually the Korean dogs are smaller malteses, pugs, and poodles. They seem well loved and many look like they live a luxurious life evidenced by all the high-end bags they are carted around in. Overall, the dog life in Korea seems all right. Sure, it SEEMS all right. 

However, when I ask about what the dog's name, most of the time they are usually named after foods such as Bap (rice), Mandu (Dumpling), Dubu (Tofu), Tanggun (carrot), Kimchi. I have even met one unfortunate dog named Gogi (Meat). Seriously, why is it that most Korean dogs I have met are named after food?

Seriously, what's up with that?!

Korea already has a negative reputation because it consumes dog meat and this is part of international lore (thank you so much Larry David, you putz). Koreans tend to excuse this behavior by saying it is part of culture and that it is eaten for medicinal purposes. I mean it is not the only country to eat dog, but it is the one that is most closely connected with the consumption of dog meat. Eating dog is considered uncivilized so if dogs are consumed it should probably be done in secret like in underground dog fighting rings (which they also have in Korea. Guess what happens to the losing dogs.) 

The way the dogs are prepared is equally disparaging. They are beaten to death because it is believed that the adrenaline will make the meat more tender and tasty (I mean if it isn't tasty or tender, it would be best not to eat it, right?) 

Now, I know that there are dog restaurants and I am not saying (directly) we should stop the consumption of dog. For it is a Korean's right and it is a part of culture and it is good for health for the people that need it and blah, blah, blah. That's not the point I am trying to make. 

What I am trying to say is that we need to stop naming our dog pets, the creatures we love enough to groom and tote around in Prada purses after foods.

They should have a name that humanizes them and a name that makes the pet worthy of affection instead of a final snack. 

If not; it seems like the pet is just a pampered Snicker's bar. One last bite to stave off the pangs of starvation. I think you should look at pets with affection and not as a sweltering flavor packet for stew.

Feed your pets, love your pets, name your pets something worthy of love... AND...Don't eat your pets. 

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