Cooking at Home: Omelette Rice and Duck Lettuce Wraps

Omelette Rice

Duck Lettuce Wraps
Homemade Hickory Smoked Bacon
Our home continues to cook all of our meals and so far it has been good. Yesterday, we did want to order some take out or delivery because we just wanted something greasy, but we resisted. Luckily we had some homemade hickory smoked bacon on hand. I simply grilled this up and made a sauce with vinegar, chilies and shallots. 

For breakfast, I had omelet rice or what Koreans (and Japanese) call Omurice. To make this, I made a simple fried rice with onions, shallots, potatoes, soy sauce and a touch of vinegar. I then topped it with scrambled egg and served it with ketchup and a side of bacon and salad.

For lunch we did duck lettuce wraps, bacon, dumplings, side dishes, soup and rice. It is not one hundred percent Korean but it does embody the Korean way of eating. Vegetables and rice are the main part of the meal and we are not over indulging in proteins.

Ok, back to work and then its time to make breakfast. Have a good day everyone.


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