Decent Burger for 8,500 won at Triple B

Had a decent burger at triple b in Yeonnamdong. Pretty tasty but the burger was a knife and fork deal since it fell apart too quickly. Good bun that was toasted and was fresh baked by a local baker down the street. The toppings were decent as well: tomato, sautéed onions, secret sauce that was like a Russian dressing and melted cheese. We also got the guacamole which was tasty but it could have used a bit more tartness. The place is tiny but service was prompt and friendly. For the price, I would totally recommend it. My burger was 8,500 won and the guacamole was 9,000. They have hand and malt and ark beer on tap. Go check it out!  

Triple B. 
Mapo-gu Yeonhui-ro 1gil 23 
마포구 연희로 1길 23 
It's across from Pencil Guest House. 

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