Excellent Shabu Shabu at Daegwanryeong In Hongdae

Hey all, wanted to share a local haunt that has been around for ages for all the right reasons. Daegwanryeong Shabu Shabu is one of favorite places for this dish because all of the ingredients are so fresh! They even grow the mushrooms in the fridges. Great veggies and broth that tastes like broth and not just msg (note it does have a tad too much black pepper, but I am cool with that). You get a ton of mushrooms and veggies and they have excellent buckwheat noodles as well to make soup. Definitely check it out. 

It's in Hongdae down the street next to Samsung digital building and then make a right. 

마포구 동교동 158-28 — at 홍대 Hongdae.

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