Amazing Charcoal BBQ at Jangwedong Yousungjip

Amazing Charcoal BBQ at Jangwedong Yousungjip

Hey all, so we are starting to ramp up our food curation content at Market Square which is a chef curated platform for restaurants and and food. For the last few months we have been interviewing chefs in Korea to find out where they like to eat and what they would recommend to others. Here is a great bbq recommendation from Chef Dohyeong Kim.

"I have visited here for 15 years. They only serve 'Dengshim gui' which means grilled sirloin. It really well matchs with their special spicy sauce and radish Kimchi."

This is 'Jangwedong Yousungjip' recommended by chef Dohyeong Kim.

* Jangwedong Yousungjip * Address: Seoul Seongbuk-gu Hwarang-ro 37gil 32

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